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Insurance Age is pleased to announce this year's Broker Expo Business Programme 



Broker Expo Opens Content Zone One

Data analytics: Digitalisation of your business to effectively engage with your data

Learn how an effective digitalised road map can enable you and your colleagues to better understand your customer.

  • How do you change your company's culture to enable the best transition from a paper based processing system to a digitalised platform?
  • How can the right capability and technology help you effectively use your data to enable to engage with your customers better?
  • Understand how the effective use of data can enable you to understand your customer risk profile better.
11:00-11:10 Ten minutes transition time 

AI and the intelligent Broker:How will AI change the service model?

As other service providing sectors use Artificial Intelligence to better engage with their customers, understand how this technology can enable you to better interact with your customers.

  • Understand how AI can change the service model and allow better engagement with customers
  • Explore the opportunity that AI and machine learning have in developing your knowledge for your customer?
  • How can Brokers better interact with their clients through the claims process with the help of AI?
11:40-11:50 Ten minutes transition time 

Understanding the impact that new technologies have on your customers policies

As technology develops into consumer life, learn how integrated technology in a policy can help your customer prevent against a claim.

  • How will technology be developed into insurance policies, for both commercial and personal lines?
  • Is the insurance sector ready for the culture shift to risk prevention?
  • How do you translate the IoT data into effective strategies for your business and your customer's policies?
12:20-13:30 Lunch, Networking and Sponsored Roundtables 
13:45- 14:15

What can Blockchain do for your business?

Understanding what impact blockchain can have for your company

  • Learn how brokers can use blockchain to transform the way you handle your data.
  • How can blockchain help improve your understanding of your customer?
  • How do you transfer the theory of blockchain into a reality?
14:15-14:25 Ten minute transition time 

Digitalising for the sake of it, understanding what your customers need

As new technologies and products enter the market understand what your business really needs. This session will explain how you can apply the right technology for your clients.

  • Developing for the sake of developing: Understand your customer to understand where your company can develop.
  • What technology would best help you with your business interaction?
  • How do you interact with your customers to enable them to understand your digital transformation journey? 
15:00 End of Zone 1 Sessions 
15:30 Broker Expo CLOSES





09:00 Broker Expo Opens Content Zone Two

Explore the impact of a hardening market and consolidation

As the broker market consolidates into a more hardened industry, learn how your company can make sure that it keeps ahead of the market 

  • Learn how to re-position yourself in the market away from being a traditional insurance broker to a provider of expertise in a specific market. 
  • Engage fiercely with premium price competition, while streamlining operational models to minimise cost and maintain margins.
  • Understand how the consolidation of the broker market has been a catalyst for disruptors.
11:00-11:10 Ten minutes transition time 

Brexit:  Understanding what comes next.

We have now entered the transition period of Brexit, and the impacts of Brexit have been felt, learn from insurers and brokers the impacts that they have found following the UK's withdrawal from the European Union.

  • How will leaving the single market effect your clients business and there risk management portfolio?
  • With reduced access to insurance capability, and potential loss of the ability to deal with EU clients, how are brokers dealing with the change in business as usual approach?
  • How do you ensure that you act in the customers best interest to insure that they get the right type of cover to suit them? 
11:40-11:50 Ten minutes transition time 

MGAs: Innovate and create new opportunities

MGAs present an incredible opportunity for Brokers; growth, innovation, efficiency and revenue. Learn the advantages of the MGA model to create new opportunities, and determine how this can be applied to your business

  • Why are MGAs so popular in today's insurance world?
  • How can brokers use established and new MGAs to enhance their selection of carriers for their clients and to expand their access to market
  • How do you get your product to the end customer, and what other aspects of distribution do you need to consider in order delivering a commercially viable proposition? 


Martyn Holman, Managing Director, Holman Advisory 

Alan Thomas, Chief Commercial Officer, Simply Business

12:20-13:30 Lunch, Networking and Sponsored Roundtables 
13:45- 14:15

Merger and Acquisition: how to get the best deal for both you and your business?

As the market consolidates, understand what the right move for your company is and how you can execute the right business plan from people who have done it 

  • Understand what deal best suits your situation and how you can make the most out of your business proposition.
  • How do you ensure that cultures fit, and all parties feel part of a growing and happy business? 
  • How do you choose an offer, beyond the price?


Peter Blanc, Group Chief Executive Officer, Aston Lark Limited 

14:15-14:25 Ten minute transition time 

Explore the right exit and succession for your company and your clients

As consolidation continues to happen in the market, learn how to successfully develop the right exit plan or your company and your employees.

  • Understand how you can ensure a smooth transition for your business and your key clients.
  • What is the best way to go about developing the right succession and exit plan for your company?
  • How do you ensure that business is still healthy and developing during your exit plan, to help with the survival of the company and staff development post your departure?
  • Understand how management can buyout a company and what options they have?
15:00 End of Zone 2 Sessions 
15:30 Broker Expo CLOSES





09:00 Broker Expo Opens Content Zone Three

Emerging risks in Mid-Market businesses 

The Mid-market business sector struggles to access the right risk management expertise and insight into their risk portfolio, understand how you can better equip your customers with the knowledge of their risk

  • Learn how to better engage with Mid-market customers to help them better engage with their risk and reach their full potential as a company.
  • Understand how your company can provide the peace of mind, customisation, superior service and forward thinking partnership that mid-market companies need.
11:00-11:10 Ten minutes transition time 

Explore the risk of aggregators on micro SMEs

  • Since the introduction of comparison websites in the early noughties personal lines brokers have seen a massive reduction in clients. Understand how you can innovate to ensure that you keep your client base 

  • Understand how innovating through technology can give your clients digital touch points to their policy, allowing them to develop a better relationship with you there broker.
  • Pushing value over pricing 
  • What do we expect to see happen in the commercial lines area,with small businesses finding cheaper insurance from comparison websits, which may not meet the brief that they need?
11:40-11:50 Ten minutes transition time 

New Fraud: How it can impact your company?

As the industry develops and becomes more digitalised, learn how you can prevent fraud

  • How can you learn what technology your customers will engage with?
  • What does customer fraud look like?
  • What scams should brokers be aware of?
  • Explore different needs for personal and commercial lines clients.
12:20-13:30 Lunch, Networking and Sponsored Roundtables 
  Cyber Afternoon 
13:45- 14:15

Decrypting Cyber: Understanding the change in cyber Policy and cyber crime

As Cyber insurance becomes increasingly popular for your clients, understanding of the terminology and understanding of the product. Also in this session understand how cyber crime is becoming more sophisticated, and what you can do to help your clients.

  • Understand what policy would apply for your clients, and how you can better protect them 
  • To what extend can your customers prevent against hackers, and what can you do as a broker to help them
  • Where is cyber-crime developing?
  • What policies are available and do they need to be standalone?
14:15-14:25 Ten minute transition time 

Changing Cyber from a luxury to a necessity for micro SMEs

The majority of non-policy holders see cyber insurance as a luxury viewing their own personal security systems and firewalls as bullet proof, how can you make your customer understand, the necessity of the product?

  • How to educate your client so they understand the risk and hence the necessity of the product?
  • Developing the right level of care for your micro SMEs to ensure that they are fully covered for any eventualities.
  • Understanding how you can manage your customer risk, and understand their position in a changing cyber-crime world. 
15:00 End of Zone 3 Sessions 
15:30 Broker Expo CLOSES


09:00 Broker Expo Opens Content Zone Four 

The Future of Automative Broking: What impact will it have on your business?

Learn the impact that driverless cars have on brokers, in both personal and commercial lines 

  • Understand the developments in the automotive broking industry, where are the current trends and issues 
  • What impact will driverless cars have on the broking industry 
  • Evaluate how you can prepare for the biggest change to ever face motor broking
11:00-11:10 Ten minute transition time 

InsurTech: Understanding the new entrants into your industry?

With new InsurTech entering the market every year, understand from the new entrepreneurs how they view the industry and what you can learn from them with their perspective of your industry.

  • See how InsurTech view your industry differently and how can you learn from this.
  • Are new technologies really demonstrating insurance incumbents changing the face of InsurTech?
  • What can brokers and InsurTech learn from each other?  
11:40-11:50 Ten minute transition time 

How do you get clients to understand that insurance isn’t the last thing on their list?

As transactions and acquisitions happen to your client business, understand what impact the changing business market can have on your client’s policies.

  • Understand how the impact that your clients business transactions have on their insurance policy and risk.
  • As companies expand into different geographical areas, learn how you can better understand their risk across an international stage.
Understand your client’s business matrix to better understand your client.
12:30-13:30 Lunch,networking and sponsored roundtables 
  Rising Stars Young Brokers 

Unlocking your potential, how do you get the best out of your skillset?

Gain an insight into how you can unlock your potential to develop into the next stage of you career, by developing the right skills and best practice techniques to reach you to the top

  • Learn from industry experts the key techniques to develop your skillset to help you develop through your career
  • Understand the skills you need to develop your potential
  • Understanding the language of the regulatory body and there requirement
14:15-14:25 Ten Minute Transition time 

Big issue: Diversity within our industry, what can you do to make it better?

Explore the industry’s journey of inclusion and its current state,  accept the call to action to create a more inclusive workplace and industry

  • How do you attract a diverse work force?
  • How to make broking an attractive career for younger people?
  • What can you do as a company to change the image of broking?
15:00 End of Zone 4 Sessions
15:30 Broker Expo Closes