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Motor Mouth Podcast Series

Episode 1: To 2020, and beyond!

Will the 2020’s be the decade of consequences? Martin Milliner, general insurance claims director at LV General Insurance, outlines what challenges insurers can expect to come across over the next decade.  

Episode 2: Back to the Future!  What will the future car mean for motor insurers?

David Williams, managing director of underwriting and technical services at Axa, outlining what the future holds for motor insurers over next decade.

Episode 3: Car repairs in the digital age

Mike Partridge, paint and body business manager at Volkswagen UK, discusses what the result on the costs of repairs will be as cars advance. Are the modern cars as robust as marketed? Have “dodgy repairs” been adequately removed from the automotive sector? 

Episode 4: Road safety and the scourge of the uninsured driver

Andrew Cox, detective superintendent at the Metropolitan Police, describes the challenge representing local authority and the police. With more than 30 million car owners in the UK, the tragic inevitability is that road accidents will occur. However, road safety is being pushed right to the forefront of police and government policy, along with tackling the scourge of the uninsured driver.

Episode 5: The future of mobility and the impact for motor insurers

Alex Lewis-Jones, research manager at Delta EE, discuss alternative modes of travel, the challenges and hurdles to our transport and the future of mobility.

Episode 6: Whiplash reforms fatigue and building a stronger customer journey

Simon Gallimore, vice-president for casualty and motor claims at AIG, talks on the topics of whiplash reforms and the customer journey.

Episode 7: From motor to battery – The evolution of motors and motor insurance

Tom Clarke, head of electric vehicles strategy at LV General Insurance, lays out the vision for the next 10 years of motor vehicles, and the exciting road ahead for the automotive industry as Britain’s road network changes to a model of transport.

Episode 8: The car is the star!

Lexis Nexis’ senior director of personal lines insurance Martyn Mathews discusses the latest in car technology innovation and how the connected car of the future will provide reliable, real-time data sets for insurers to assess risk.

Episode 9: Claims culture or no claims culture?

Matthew Maxwell-Scott, executive director of the Association of Consumer Support Organisations, gives his insight and thoughts on the reforms, where the challenges still lie and, with the Coronavirus pandemic ongoing, where we’re likely to be at the end of the year.

Episode 10: From car salvage to the future of work – what is the future of motor insurance?

E2E Total Loss Management and its chief operating officer Neil Joslin discusses how the motor insurance sector will adapt to challenges being presented at the moment, particularly the Coronavirus pandemic.

Episode 11: Technology the driver in motor insurance

“Motor insurance is there to support customers in their time of need.” Mike Brockman, CEO and founder of Thing Co, gives his thoughts in the latest episode.

As the world moves through the coronavirus pandemic, the need to utilise new technology have been made starker. Can motor insurance reap the benefits?

COVID-Cast Series

Amidst the chaos of the Coronavirus pandemic, listen to Insurance Post's COVID-Casts, updating you on the latest developments through the crisis and its impact on the insurance sector.

Episode 1: How has the industry’s reputation been impacted by its handling of the Coronavirus epidemic?

Episode 2: What are insurtechs doing to rebalance the bad publicity around insurance and Covid-19?

Episode 3: Is motor insurance at a tipping point in light of the Coronavirus lockdown?

Episode 4: How insurance companies are rising up to help communities and keep society open during the Coronavirus crisis

Episode 5: Could the FOS be key to help bring clarity and nix growing number of SME BI complaints

Episode 6: From panic to practicalities, what will BI insurance look like when the Covid-19 recriminations settle down

Episode 7: Empathetic, sympathetic and offering strategic guidance – how brokers are managing clients in lockdown

Episode 8: What is the insurance supply chain doing to keep the sector moving during the Covid-19 lockdown?

Episode 9: Could Tiger King Joe Exotic cut it as a fraud fighter or handle big cats at Lloyd’s?

Episode 10: Newsmaker special with Bought By Many CEO Steven Mendel

Episode 11: Loss adjusting during lockdown - and what the sector might look like post-pandemic

Episode 12: Newsmaker special with Partners & CEO Phil Barton and chair Stuart Reid

Episode 13: Litigation under lockdown - how are lawyers and insurers managing legal disputes during the Coronavirus?

Episode 14: Newsmaker special with Crawford & Company group chief executive Rohit Verma

Episode 15: Has there been a rise in cyber threats and scams during Coronavirus lockdown?

Episode 13: Litigation under lockdown - how are lawyers and insurers managing legal disputes during the Coronavirus?


Expertise in Audio Podcast Series

Episode 1: Risk and catastrophe management

When it comes to managing risk and planning for catastrophes, insurers should be at the forefront of modelling for the next major event, assessing the risk posed by the challenges of today and offering a product that suitably covers that risk in the event that it occurs. But how prepared are insurers for the next catastrophe? What modelling technology and techniques are being and need to be taken? How has the coronavirus changed the world of catastrophe preparedness for insurers?

Insurance Post director of content Jonathan Swift is joined by Ed Messer, head of catastrophe management at Aon, and David Rubens, CEO of the Institute of Strategic Risk Management, to discuss if insurers truly our global risk safety net?

Episode 2: Data and data ethics in insurance

For this episode, Insurance Post director of content Jonathan Swift discusses data as the lifeblood of the insurance industry with Jeff Ward, founder of the Jeff Ward Consultancy, Annarita Roscino, head of predictive analytics at Zurich Insurance, and Olivier Thereaux, head of research and development at the Open Data Institute. 

Episode 3: From business operation to customer relationship

Martin Milliner, claims director at LV, and Stephanie Ogden, director of distribution at HDI Global, join Insurance Post's content director Jonathan Swift to discuss what the future of working in insurance and dealing with customer looks like.



Article & Blog


Infographic: Your guide to the digital revolution of insurance

With increasing industry consolidation, new market entrants, and customer experience at an all-time high, this interactive infographic highlights why there is an urgent imperative for independent brokers to join the digital revolution of insurance in order to future-proof their business models.

Brokers warned to keep eye on Brexit as transition looms

Sian Barton, 20 May 2020

Covid-19 Broker Impact Survey Results

Sian Barton, 19 May 2020

How are brokers ensuring business continuity amid Covid-19?

Insurance Age, 19 May 2020


Interviews with speakers and experts in the lead up to Broker Extra and the Broker Expo events.

Coffee With ...

Interview with Simon Mabb, Managing Director at Romero Insurance - view here
Interview with Tom Bartleet, Owner and CEO at Erskine Murray - view here
Interview with Claire Russell, CEO of Mental Health in Business and Director of Perry Appleton - view here
Interview with Alycia Thomson, Client Service Manager at PIB Insurance Brokers & President of The Chartered Insurance Institute of Norwich - view here

Additional Digital Content

Post Claims Club Live

Kicking off the Post Claims Club Live digital event today we have a podcast recording featuring experts and industry professionals analysing the impact of Covid-19 on claims operations.

Joining Post content director Jonathan Swift to discuss the biggest challenges in adapting to the disruption caused by the pandemic; lessons learned and role of technology in the future are:

  • Stephen Bryceland, partner and solicitor advocate - personal injury, BTO Solicitor

  • John Pyall, head of facilitated claims unit, Munich Re

  • Graham Smart, president, The Chartered Institute for Loss Adjusters

Digital claims management in the age of Coronavirus

Joining Post content director Jonathan Swift to discuss the biggest challenges in adapting to the disruption caused by the pandemic; lessons learned and role of technology in the future are:

  • Neil Dawson, UK account manager, Verisk

  • Karl Parr, claims technical services director, Axa Insurance

  • Robert Stephens, senior desktop assessor, Axa Insurance

The Car is the Star!

Learn more about how quality vehicle and ADAS data can help insurance providers better assess and price motor risk, and what the future of vehicle data could look like!

View here.


Same problem, new challenges; tackling motor insurance fraud in 2020

  • How we made noticeable savings from our fraud department

  • Implementing ML and AI algorithms to counter the threat of fraud

  • A run through the solution implementation journey and a status update

James Burge, Allianz Insurance

View here



Downloaded the latest industry whitepapers


In-depth - high net worth: The changing face of high net worth

The high net worth (HNW) market has been one of the most reliable in insurance for many years, but capacity is now moving out of the market, whilst the profile and expectations of clients is shifting. This in-depth feature focuses on the changing face of HNW and the implications for brokers.

Whitepaper: Covid-19 - Implications for cyber risk

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, this document provides a concise preview of the main cyber risk factors that organisations should consider and recommendations for reducing exposure.

Fire: Environmental exposures and risk management

Every business has some form of environmental exposure and a fire just increases the potential for incurring environmental liabilities. Produced by AXA XL, this whitepaper focuses on the specific environmental exposures arising from fires and how businesses can mitigate the risks.

The insurance supply chain: Managing third parties from risk to resilience

With Covid-19 amplifying the importance of supply chain resilience within the insurance value chain, this content highlights why insurance firms, including insurers and brokers need to exercise more control over third parties to enhance overall resilience


Get a detailed breakdown of the industry's thoughts and opinions across a range of topic research and surveys


Best Insurance Employer 2020

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Special Report: The future of personal lines insurance

View here.

Special report: The future of claims in commercial broking

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Research: Making it in mid-market

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Cyber Research 2019: The findings

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Where do the biggest opportunities lie for brokers in the SME market?

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Past Webinars

Listen to previous webinar content

Handling claims in a digital age: How insurtechs are changing customer expectations at the moment of truth

In this session we will hear from - and have a chance to question - a number of people who manage claims on behalf of the new breed of insurtech start-ups; businesses looking to reinvent the customer journey from cradle-to-grave, using the latest technology to make it as seamless and frictionless as possible.

View here.

How does the motor insurance industry react to the Coronavirus outbreak?

Hear our expert panel discuss the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on motor insurers, and what we can expect in the future as we move into the recovery phase.

View here.

Micro mobility and the transport models of the future

E-Mobility promises to support the country’s needs to ‘go-green’, reduce congestion on our busy roads, offer a transport alternative to those who currently struggle to find one and make use of some of the Mobility-as-a-Service platforms that are revolutionising the way we travel.

But these new mobility options come with risk.  And after some high-profile tragedies reported in the press, coupled with issues facing other cities around the world to trial this micro mobility option, motor insurers are at the forefront of the debate as we adjust to a new future of mobility.

Tackling the big questions as laid out in the Future of Transport Report, we’ll be putting questions to our panel about one of the most important, topical and contested debates in the motor insurance and regulatory space.

View here.

The digital distribution challenge for brokers

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Cyber and HNW – what do brokers need to know?

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Digital End-to-End Claims Management:An Attainable Goal Today ... Or An Insurers Pipe Dream for the Foreseeable Future?

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